the automotiveIT Kongress 2019

Award-winning – the automotiveIT Kongress 2019

Fachmedium des Jahres 2020 – Best event

Since 2005, the B2B network Deutsche Fachpresse has presented the award "Fachmedium des Jahres" (Trade medium of the Year) – 2020 Media-Manufaktur receives the prize in the category "Best Event" for the automotiveIT Kongress.

We proudly received the news about the award!

We are very happy about the award of the Deutsche Fachpresse for the automotiveIT Kongress. 2009 directly after the last big economic crisis the first automotiveIT Kongress has started. We wanted to create a platform and a network for the trade magazine, through which the decision makers of the automotive and IT industry can get into conversation and as partners can drive the digital transformation in the automotive industry. Thanks to a great deal of commitment, we have succeeded in developing the automotiveIT Kongress into a unique industry meeting.

We owe this success and the award especially to our participants, speakers and partners.

This award is an incentive for us, especially in the current challenging times, which are characterized by social distancing and home office. Because the current situation also shows how important personal encounters with people are - not only for our own well-being, but also for the social and economic interests of all of us.

We are using the necessity to postpone the automotiveIT Kongress as an opportunity to hold a unique automotive conference this autumn. 

We are uniting the networks and target groups of both automotiveIT and carIT Kongresses in a joint two-day event.