Frank Loydl

Frank Loydl

CIO, Audi AG

NEXT:IT Episode 2 – A field report on the transformation of Audi IT

NEXT:IT is Audi IT’s response to the corporate goals that AUDI AG has set itself under the 2025 Transformation Plan. The aim is to develop and structure a future-proof Audi IT organisation that comprehensively supports both core business activities and new business models. In essence, it now places the focus on technologies instead of individual divisions. One characteristic of NEXT:IT is its agile, participative approach. For example, over 250 employees from across the Audi IT community were actively involved in structuring NEXT:IT during the design phase.

In addition to the shared values system as the basis for this transformation, a rigorous separation between structural elements and workflow-oriented processes also influences the future collaboration model.

Since the last AutomotiveIT Congress, the organizational restructuring has been completed and essential actions on the way to the Next:IT target picture have been implemented. Andrea Feuerlein and Frank Loydl share experiences that AudiIT has gained during the transformation phase and point out steps that lie ahead.



Frank Loydl was born in Metzingen, Germany, on May 31, 1965.

He studied computer engineering at the University of Cooperative Education in Mannheim. In 1990 he began his professional career at the United States-based IT service provider Electronic Data Systems (EDS). Loydl gained extensive experience there in various positions in the manufacturing industry, particularly in the automotive sector with General Motors.

He moved in 2004 to the British IT service provider Logica CMG, where he was responsible for the IT services for German manufacturing companies. After working at EMC Corporation, a U.S. manufacturer of hardware and software, Loydl was appointed Head of Delivery Management at T-Systems for the account Volkswagen AG in 2009.

Loydl took on this task directly for the Wolfsburg-based automobile group in 2013. At the same time, he headed the company’s IT steering for two years. From 2016 onwards, he was responsible for software development within the Group.

During his time in the Volkswagen’s Group-IT department, Loydl established not only agile work methods but also a value-oriented management model and accompanied the internal change process to become an agile enterprise.

Frank Loydl has been CIO of AUDI AG since February 1, 2018.