Pedro Pacheco

Pedro Pacheco

Vice President of Research, Gartner

Vortrag: Live Talk – Gartner Digital Automaker Index 2023
German Automotive Industry: Quo Vadis?

Do car makers need to transform into tech companies? Has this transformation already started and how far has the German automotive industry come in using the business benefit of software? Find out about the biggest challenges and strategic goals for the long-term success of a leading OEM. Join the discussion and ask your questions!

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Pedro Pacheco is a Vice President of Research at Gartner, with global responsibility for the areas of Automotive and Smart Mobility. In this capacity, he continuously supports a substantial number of automotive C-level executives in understanding the major transformation affecting the automotive sector, its future and how to define a course for success through transformational disruption.

Prior to this role, Pacheco has taken several leadership positions in organizations like OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, as well as technology companies in areas like IOT, energy storage and cleantech. Having led major initiatives in strategy, research, digital and innovation, this has given him an holistic understanding of the automotive sector beyond its core and into key adjacent areas like software, electrification, connectivity and business models.

He holds an MBA from Vlerick Management School and an MSC in Engineering by the University of Porto. This is complemented by his strong international experience, having lived in six different countries and speaking six different languages.

Pedro Pacheco has a particular interest for the interaction between humans and technology and organizational dynamics, especially on how culture can make or break successful organizations when faced with the prospect of transformation.

About Gartner

Gartner is the world’s leading technology advisory firm, a $5.5 billion company and a member of the S&P500. Gartner uses its 40-year expertise in technology to support a vast array of organizations around the world – from tech giants to governments – in maximizing the business benefit they can extract from technology. Using that same expertise and knowledge of the tech world, Gartner works also with several automotive companies, advising them in their transformation into technology companies.

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